Reading Develops Child’s Mental Powers from His Early Months
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Reading Develops Child’s Mental Powers from His Early Months


Che donna, an Italian newspaper, has recently published a report that highlighted the significance of getting children used to reading books from an early age. The report introduced a number of tips that would mostly help parents achieve this goal.

The newspaper said in a report translated by “Arabi 21”, that reading books for children is important and necessary even for those who are still in preschool age, because it develops their mental powers and stimulates their imagination and creativity.

The newspaper highlighted the importance of returning to paper books and getting children used to browsing them, especially in a world that is increasingly moving towards the use of technological means, such as smartphones and tablets

The report gave 10 tips for adults to succeed in making their children passionate about reading and draw their attention while reading a book for them.

1- Be an example for your child, i.e. Lead by example

Children love to imitate adults, and if they see us reading books every day, they will be more stimulated to do it too. In fact, it wouldn't do any good to tell them to read if we are not the first to do so.

2- Read for your child even during pregnancy

It will be nice if mothers start reading for their kids since they are pregnant. It may seem strange, but it is a good idea that the child gets used to his mother’s voice even before he is born.

3- Read for your child from an early age

It is good to read books for children from an early age, not only children's stories but also other news that might intrigue them. It will be important to give an intonation to grab the child's attention and succeed to involve them.

4- Choose suitable books based on the child's age

Bookstores are full of books and publications with various topics for all ages. You only have to choose the book that best suits your child's age.

5- Make the book seem like a game

Make the child perceive that the book is like a game. When you give him some toys as a gift on a certain occasion, be sure to buy him a book and put it among them. In this way, the child will see the book as one of his favorite games.

6- Explain new words while reading

When we read a book and find a new word that the child does not know, we should not go beyond it, rather we have to pause and explain its meaning to him. In this way, we will help him enrich his knowledge as he will manage to expand his lexicon from an early age.

7- Reading is not just at bedtime

You should not use the book as a sleeping pill by limit reading for our children to bedtime only. Rather, you have to carve out 10 minutes a day to read with them a small story when they are most reactive.

8- Observe the child’s reactions

You have to Keep an eye on the reactions of your child while reading. Sometimes, a child may get bored and lose focus while you are reading. In such cases, you should try to change your voice tone of voice to attract the child's attention and reawaken his interest.

9- Stimulate the child’s curiosity

When you read a book to your child, don't ever be satisfied by just reading. Try to involve him with you by asking him questions to make him more interactive in the reading process.

10- Take the child to a library or a bookstore

It is important to take your child for a visit to a library or a bookstore at least once a week. The thrill of seeing many books together will make your child more interested in reading.


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