Bullying – Causes, Types and Methods of Treatment
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Bullying – Causes, Types and Methods of Treatment


- The phenomenon of bullying has recently become widespread.

- It is almost everywhere; on the street, at school or university, at home, or even at work!

- There have been many types of bullying, such as:

 political bullying, electronic bullying, religious bullying and sectarian bullying.


What is bullying?

- Bullying is a form of violence, abuse and harassment committed by an individual or a group against another individual or group.


Forms of bullying

Bullying is divided into three main forms:

- Verbal bullying that includes teasing, ridicule, provocation, inappropriate comments and threats

- Physical bullying that includes practice of violence, beating, slapping, stabbing and others.

- Emotional bullying that includes embarrassment and spreading rumors.


Causes of bullying

- Bullies usually suffer from a personality disorder and lack of self-esteem.

- Bullies are the outcome of a violent and ignorant environment that lacks any kind of values.

- Bullies may also suffer from depression or other psychological diseases.


Consequences of bullying

- Bullying causes long-term psychological, emotional and behavioral problems to the victim.

- Victims of bullying usually abandon and withdraw from any social activities.

- A victim of bullying may commit suicide, according to some studies.

- Bullying may lead to inability to sleep, heavy sleep, headache, or stomach ache.

- A victim of bullying may turn into a bully, himself, over time.


Treatment of bullying

- To admit existence of the problem.

- To develop plans and visions for addressing it.

- To mobilize society’s educational institutions to deal with the problem.

- To launch campaigns for spreading awareness of the problem and ways to deal with it.

- To address both the offender and the victim of bullying altogether.


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