How to instill Izzah in our children
المنتدى الإسلامي العالمي للتربية

How to instill Izzah in our children


- Izzah (honor) fills a Muslim’s heart and soul with self-esteem and dignity.

- It enhances connection to Allah.

- It prevents a person from being overcome and humiliated.

- It liberates man from being a slave to his own passions.

- Izzah does not mean arrogance.

- It helps the Muslim in supporting Virtue and fighting against Vice.


Virtues of Izzah

- Izzah brings a Muslim closer to Allah Almighty.

- It provides a Muslim with might, honor, dignity, self-esteem, glory, and pride.  

- It boosts the nation’s glory among all other nations.

- It protects a Muslim from deviation and sins.

- It frees a Muslim from slavery to his own desires and passions.


 Family’s role in instilling Izzah in their children

- To instill and foster the Islamic faith in their children.

- To raise their kids with strong faith in Allah and educate them to resort to none but Him.

- To accustom children to practicing the basic worship rites and to enhance their sense of honor.

- To fill their hearts with love and appreciation for Allah Almighty and His Prophet.

- To encourage children to study the biography of Prophet Mohamed and His companions.

- To raise children on renouncing what people possess and avoiding sins, whether minor or major.

- Prophet Mohamed says, “Renounce what the people possess, people will love you.”

- Parents should be good examples for their children at home.

- To deal properly with children while correcting their mistakes.

- To avoid the practice of oppression against kids; otherwise, they would lose their dignity and self-esteem.

- To accustom children to morals and manly behavior and strength in abiding by the right and other values.



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