Teach your children to keep the promise
المنتدى الإسلامي العالمي للتربية

Teach your children to keep the promise


  • Failure to keep the promise to your children is a gross educational mistake.
  • Keeping the promise should be maintained both within and outside the family.
  • Parents should teach their children that any word one utters is a promise that must be kept.
  • One of the most dangerous and disastrous things to children is to see parents break their promises to them.


Negative effects children acquire when parents do not keep their promises

  • The child does not trust his/her parents.
  • The child learns to lie and recurrently escapes confrontation.
  • The child does not trust everybody, including his/her teacher.
  • The child gets accustomed to this bad habit and falls among those warned  of being untrue believers, as Prophet Mohamed said: He shall not be a true believer that who breaks his promises.
  • Creation of a corrupt generation that do not keep promises, being accustomed to watching their parents while breaching their covenants.


Advice for parents on keeping promises

  • Hang posters with the instruction: (Keep your Promise) written on them, inside the house to remind you and your kids to follow and apply in daily life.
  • Train your children to fulfill their promises, by being their role models.
  • Use the Prophet's Biography stories to help you educate children to keep the promise
  • Arrange a competition between your children on keeping the promise and telling the truth.
  • Train your children to be accustomed to keeping promises so that this will become their habit.
  • Assign a day of the week titled: (Day of Truthfulness) to remind your children and train them on keeping promises.
  • Giving titles related to truthfulness to encourage your children, such as: the truthful, the honest, the sincere ... etc.



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