How to address our children’s ‘bad words’?
المنتدى الإسلامي العالمي للتربية

How to address our children’s ‘bad words’?


 We may get surprised to hear our children utter obscene phrases

 Children are exposed to acquiring words from other sources (e.g. while mingling with other children)

 It is rare that our children may not hear bad words

 They may even hear such words from older brothers

 Or they may hear them from some TV programs, or even from other children at KG or school

 In fact, the child does not usually know whether a word is “bad” or “good”


How to address this problem:

 First: Parents and family members should watch their language.

 Second: Parents should control the programs that their kids watch on TV to protect them against scenes including bad words.

 Third: Parents should not overreact when their children utter obscene words.

 Fourth: Parents should tell the child without emotion that such words are foul.

 Fifth: Parents should explain to their children that there are words that may hurt others, so they have to stop using them.

 Sixth: Parents should not describe a child as a “bad child” or “impolite”; it suffices to say such words are “bad”.

 Seventh: Parents should teach their children to use alternative words when they feels frustrated or upset.

 Eighth: Parents should praise the good words said by the child, but they should avoid exaggeration; it suffices to smile or just say “This is a nice word”.




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