How should we practice ‘positive education’?
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How should we practice ‘positive education’?

The term ‘positive education’ has recently been circulated so much; so, what does positive education mean?

Positive education comprises the overall methods that develop children's skills and behavior in a constructive manner. It instils in our kids the value of self-discipline which makes them behave properly with no need to watch or monitor them. Also, positive education encourages adoption of dialogue, communication with our children and listening to them effectively. Furthermore, it boosts the child's self-confidence and sense of responsibility, and helps strengthen ties between a child and his parents.

How do we practice positive education?

  • Role models: A child is more likely to learn from actions rather than words; as they say, “Actions speak louder than words”.
  • Don't complain about your children or talk about their bad deeds in front of strangers.
  • Be sure that you praise your children for a specific behavior or statement and make this clear to them; as it is essential for a child to know why you are praising him.
  • Do not punish before you set the rules, and do not blame your child for anything you had previously allowed him to do.
  • Be keen on developing a daily routine in terms of waking up, sleeping, eating, doing homework and playing until the child gets used to the system.
  • Parents should be careful not to talk badly about each other in front of kids, as a child cannot psychologically bear the consequences of seeing one of his parents in a bad situation. Parents are role models and a source of safety for their children; and if their kids are exposed to psychological shocks because of them, they may lose any sense of security.
  • A child should know that there are limits for what he or she can say or do; they should also know that there are topics and actions that concern only adults with which he or she should not be preoccupied.
  • Give your children freedom so that they could become distinguished and privileged, and never ever think that they may become typical copies of you.
  • Make sure to discuss everything with your children and try to persuade them; also, be keen on reducing your orders and instructions.
  • Dear parents and educators, positive education is a sort of art; do you think that it is possible for you to learn and master such art?


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