VideoGraph: How to make my child love prayers
المنتدى الإسلامي العالمي للتربية

VideoGraph: How to make my child love prayers


Age Group (3-5)

- Encouraging children to imitate worshippers.

- Taking the child to the Mosque to let him see worshipers and stand beside them.

- Father lets his children listen to his recitation of Quran in loud prayers.

- Linking training on prayers with fun.

- Teaching children Surat Al-Fatihah and some short verses.


Age Group (5-7)

- Providing immediate rewards after performing prayers.

- Watching educational video clips on ablution and prayers.

- Encouraging children and avoiding giving commands.

- Ensuring that the child can clean up and perform ablution.

- Instilling love of Allah in the child and telling him about paradise.

- Accompanying parents during prayers as much as possible.


Age Group (7-10)

- Starting awareness of external world details and formation of conscience.

- Instilling love of prayers in children and avoiding giving commands.

- Stating the merits of prayers and its positive effects.

- Reminding the child of prayers and urging him to perform the prayers he missed.

- Letting the child join his friends in prayers.

- Practical training of ablution and prayers.


Age Group (10-12)

- Following the child in managing his behavior and taking responsibility.

- Remaining close to the child is very important at this stage.

- Explaining many Quran verses and Prophet’s Hadith about prayers.

- Accompanying the father as much as possible for performing prayers in Mosque.

- Non-complacency in reminding the child of the prayers.

- Instilling the importance of performing prayers in time.


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